Friday, April 28, 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Oh yes daddy.... give me that dick, make me cum while you breed me deep.... !


Monday, September 12, 2016


Angry monster cock, looking for a tight arse to plow

Gregory Nalbone

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Hey, meet Señor Adolfo, a full package, beefy hairy body big long hefty cock and quite handsome too.
I tasted this big hard cock it fill my mouth like no dick ever occupied every space of it. then I lay on my back on his bed while he fuck my mouth and y play with his hairy balls and asshole...until he spray jets and jets of cum all over my chest... It was a pure pleasure being close up watching how his thick hot ropes of sperm come from the slit of his big plum head dick. Then a suck clean his cock... damn it was one best jism shower ever!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014


I done this drawing when I was a young boy, of course I can’t effort to had any model so I done this purely from my fantasy. A bottom was being plowed hard by an older morbid hairy fucker. His asshole stretched to its maximum while the huge dick went in and came out with no mercy, leaving the man writhed his body in undescribed pleasure. The older sexy fucker was really abundant on giving pleasure, while do the fucking he also manages to fondle the guy’s dick which dripping with precum and also fingered his own hole. They both cry and moan and the sound of furiously sliding dick in and out an tight lubed asshole, a sound of big balls slapping the man pupping his dick all in, the cracking sound of bed, become louder and harder… they fuck like a very first time yet like it’s the only fuck they can ever have.

I don't fantasize this thing to an end, in my mind they fuck forever. A decade later, well as a matter of fact I was happened to forgot about this drawing until a few days earlier I found it somewhere in one of my three computer and I had have it scanned, and you know what, when I look again at the fucker then… BAM! I really met this man, exactly like him the face, the hairy body, the dick abd the way he fucks… I can tell you because we already fuck for several times, including on a midday at beach, yes a public beach with some other horny guys watching our magnificent hot fuck… we didn’t care, surely like myself this guy also like to show and being watch. We striped to our sexy slip, we kiss and we get naked, I ate his cock and balls, he ate my ass, we fuck beneath the sun…. we fuck and fuck… like it was the very first time yet like it’s the only fuck we can ever have.



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Sexy hairy buddy

Portugal is so blessed by having title of where one of the sexiest men comes from. I got a definite prove by showing you this drawing of my distant buddy… hope you enjoy his piercing eyes, his great body and every single hair on it and of course, hope you enjoy his big strong hard cock and juicy balls!!!!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Where are you Luca?

    • You deleted your facebook you stunning man. Well, I really hope you would come across and see this drawing of you... If you do, please say hi to me....

    The hairiest man I ever fuck with!

    I fuck with this sexy super hairy Mexican man in his hotel. I sucked his delicious dick and balls then I ride his hard cock for about twenty minutes... before I spray my spunk all over his hairy chest and belly while he shot his sperm deep inside my ass.....

    Thursday, January 24, 2013

    Sexy Badoo guy!

    I meet this super gougeous guy in Badoo, first for a almost a week we we had chat everyday for about five to seven hours! We haven't talk for some quite time lately, as a matter of fact he changed his Baddo account and his screen name almost regulary, I'm not sure why. I know he models but beside I'm not sure what else he does for living.

    Monday, August 27, 2012


    On your knees boy! and come closer, kiss my dick, smell its manly odor. Wet your lips and open wide, look into my eyes while I slowly invade you mouth. Hold your tears and dont you dare to choke, I will fill your throat, control your breath... let me fuck you face long and slow. My dick deep in your throat and my balls press your chin. C´mon boy suck it hard, I know you want it so bad and you know you will be rewarded by my tasty hot sperm. And there another good news, I won´t be finished until I fucked you ass and planted my seed deep in your hungry hole. Then you can suck clean my dick again.

    Saturday, August 25, 2012


    I call it Spider... a fully ass and dick expose, ready to fuck!!!

    Sunday, July 8, 2012

    Hairy Pose!

    Yesterday we fucked again and after he filled his condom inside my hole while a twisted and pressed my anus and having one best orgasm, we lay and have a little talk, me keep toying his still hard dick...after a while he pose for me.... here my fast drawing of one of the hairiest and sexiest man I ever fucked with... ;)

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012

    Hairy sex crave...

    He was lying on the bed, spreading  his legs wide, allowing me to view all the hairiness of his crotch and ass while his dick stands leaking precum demanding a full atention, it was a glory! Having his all hair covered body fully naked in front of me waiting to be explore. My mouth watered, my dick hard, my balls ached and my asshole twitching all caused by anticipating what would came and how I would enjoy every single part of it. I suck his dick all the way to his balls, taking both his balls on my mouth, sinking my face deep between his musky crotch. We kiss and suck each other and I ride his big dick like a mad cowboy, he fuck me from behind while eating my mouth and biting my neck, damn his dick feels so good in my hungry ass. I clamped my sphincter while he fuck me hard and deep to make his fuck even more intense. I was lost in pure pleasure and I don't remember how long it was exactly but we fuck almost for an hour before i spray galons of my hot sperm on the bed sheet while his dick spewing jets of hot thick semen deep inside my hole, i keep clamping and sucking my ass on his pulsating dick, trying to empty his ball juice. I was one of the best fuck so far. He took off and show me the condom, it was almost half filled with his semen. But his dick was not showing even a little sign of being softening, it was still rock hard and beging for more action... Damn! this man is so hot and crave for sex, just the way i like men!
    to be continue...

    Monday, May 21, 2012


    Very nice dick and juicy balls, but the best is you can masturbate your cock with your hand inside his hot hole. Damn this sexy guy almost without limit, Guys met my buddy Stany, ah maybe you have fucked with him already...

    Friday, April 13, 2012


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