Thursday, July 31, 2008

self potrait

Dont know why, I feel it´s a bit unfair to those sexy guys after taking advantage of having fun and thrill drawing and them while they are alrady naked, so I decided to draw myself to make it a little even... of course I tried to look as hot as possible.... with a bandana, a biker jacket, a boot and a rayban... hope you dont find it silly!!!


Edu said...

Very sexy, man!!
(A pretty little latino look)

urge said...

Thank´s Edu,
I believe every man is sexy, deppend of the eyes of the beholder...
Litle latino...thats cool, I wish a have those latin blood in me...

buff said...

Nothing silly about you, stud.

Your self portrait is so sexy.

I am a true believer, like yourself, that every man is sexy.

I can find at least one characteristic in every guy that makes him sexy.

Mega hairy muscle hugs for having such a profound understanding of the male image and sharing these fantastic artworks with all of us.