Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eric York and my uncle

I don´t know how exactly but Eric York reminds me of my uncle, i mean what i have my memory when i was a kid. There is something about retro look on this pic, the hair, the coolness. I used to call my uncle "uncle moustache", no, i did not lust after him although whenever he stayed in my house we often sleep together with him hugging me all night it gave me a pleasant feeling of warmness and peace. Or maybe i was too young to realize thing like desire which might be there... what I did understand is that i loved him, I still do.
Now look again at this Eric pic, those memory suddenly turns into passion, not just a simple desire but a almost like a wild torment of lust that triggered my crotch to trembles alive into its full capacity, and something tickling sensation in my ass... i look again at his beefy and hairy body... then nailing my eyes on his big hefty healthy shiny juicy dick... I tell you guys i was such a very nice pleasure working on his drawing... if i could have a chance to thank him, who know maybe he happened to find this post someday... Thanks Eric for being so sexy, j´adore....

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