Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Majestical Dadspread

What would you like me to do? How would you like to remember me? It was almost the end of summer, he still prefered to be naked whenever he could. His big horse dick swayed heavily whenever he walk and then rested lazily in his hairy leg as he sit by the pool. "You love to watch my naked fury body right son? You love to watch the meat between my legs? he approached the pool and stop right the border where I was about to climb from the water, he then sat on his toes balanced himself with both hand behind and spreading his legs wide apart. Showing all the majestical fact he was. Hair everywhere, pointing to his center part. his hairy hole blink, his balls bobbing a bit, his dick sprang to its full strong erection... you love what you´re seeing, right son? Remember this! Is it the way you want to remember me, isn´t it?

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