Monday, December 27, 2010

Ray Almighty

And then i saw a picture of this super gorgeous man somewhere on the internet it was long years ago. I recently find the same pic and work a drawing from it. Back then I didn´t know who is this god like sexy man. With a very strong muscle all covered in black thick fur, he seems really really aware of the way his sexual energy will affect to every horny mortal men like me. The combination of lust that express from his eyes, a slightly bewitching lips expression, and how he gracefully manage to communicate with his body language is an open invitation to a deep wild pleasure he can perfectly guarantee. He know he has all what a man need to be a perfect sex symbol a raw rough one just like what a truly man should be, not kind of Hollywood star fake bad boys roughness. With potential which I found become stronger and stronger by the times, these mighty man can even penetrate every of his victims soul and drag them to pure pleasure no one else could bring, he´ll even become a ghost inside sexual fantasy of every longing men. Raymond Dragon, all mighty. Look at his strong huge dick, its head always stand and pride, he can throw gallons of delightful precum, i have seen it one lucky guy suck out his butt hole... and precum leaking like a faucet...then ray fuck that hungry lucky man´s asshole for hour... making him come and come again while ray keep on give him pleasure almost too much and unbearable. Look again at this picture, Ray really understand every single potential that he have, and a master on showing them off, how he open hi legs and push his crotch forward exposing his magnificently delicious cock while both hand spreading his own ass... all at the same time. He love us all, he wants us to have him, to take as much as we could of what he has to offer. Some of you knows that today Ray is sexier then ever, one of the most gorgeous god at the inside and out. This is homage to one of a few men who build pillars of my existence. Salute my Ray!

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