Monday, June 23, 2014


I done this drawing when I was a young boy, of course I can’t effort to had any model so I done this purely from my fantasy. A bottom was being plowed hard by an older morbid hairy fucker. His asshole stretched to its maximum while the huge dick went in and came out with no mercy, leaving the man writhed his body in undescribed pleasure. The older sexy fucker was really abundant on giving pleasure, while do the fucking he also manages to fondle the guy’s dick which dripping with precum and also fingered his own hole. They both cry and moan and the sound of furiously sliding dick in and out an tight lubed asshole, a sound of big balls slapping the man pupping his dick all in, the cracking sound of bed, become louder and harder… they fuck like a very first time yet like it’s the only fuck they can ever have.

I don't fantasize this thing to an end, in my mind they fuck forever. A decade later, well as a matter of fact I was happened to forgot about this drawing until a few days earlier I found it somewhere in one of my three computer and I had have it scanned, and you know what, when I look again at the fucker then… BAM! I really met this man, exactly like him the face, the hairy body, the dick abd the way he fucks… I can tell you because we already fuck for several times, including on a midday at beach, yes a public beach with some other horny guys watching our magnificent hot fuck… we didn’t care, surely like myself this guy also like to show and being watch. We striped to our sexy slip, we kiss and we get naked, I ate his cock and balls, he ate my ass, we fuck beneath the sun…. we fuck and fuck… like it was the very first time yet like it’s the only fuck we can ever have.

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