Friday, October 22, 2010

Daddy Horse

Where are you going son? Come here! Take your jogging short off, keep the sneaker on and and climb over here!!!. I wanna jab your sweaty sweet hole with my love pole, right here right now. Ride you daddy fuck stick hard while I slap your butt with my big balls... I want you to feel it deep inside you. I know you love it, you used to love riding your ol man as you pretended I was a horse, now this horse dick claiming what was always belong to it... Ride my big dick... bounce your self up and down while I grab and spread your ass... that it son, now I´ll bring you walk around the house... and out to the garden... can you feel it son, can you feel how my dick move inside your sweet gaping ass while I take you around?...Oh yes son, we can play this hard rider game all day...

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