Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tim Kruger

Since a little kid Tim already notice something special with him, something really special, this pale white german boy has a huge salami attached to his crotch. And praise the lord, he loves ass!!! every kind and type of ass can causes his dick into its monumental erection... No word need any further, Tim don´t like to speak much, just a slightly smile and moan while he pounds your ass in a deep stroke reaching places that no other dick ever reach before. He love to deliver you a pleasure, making your orgasm almost an unbearably joy while he still jabbing your twitching hole. Then he will stroke his cock giving you even a bonus to watch its nuts explode and let you taste his heavenly bittersweet juice... Another step of his mission is complete, he wont stop until he fucked every single hungry manhole, in a mission of spreading a global pleasure. Tim is one of the prove that God loves every gay man...


fuzzbuzz said...

WOOOF, urge. Super fuckin hot

fuzzbuzz said...


urge said...

Hello Chuck! How are you buddy!
Thanks for your coment..
Are you still on Facebook?
Big hug!

fuzzbuzz said...

I'm no longer on Facebook. Seems that my daddy santa butt shot got me kicked off. No worries.
Wishing you mega hairy muscle hugs of continued success and inspiration. WOOOF

naruto uzumaki said...

Nice !

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hope you like it !

urge said...

Awesome Naruto! love your yaoi images blog!!!
Xo Aga